Technical Specifications of PVC Tension Ceiling Systems;
They provide ceilings with flat, circular and other geometric forms, as well as radiant applications such as dome-vault. This flexibility allows unique design in ceilings and walls in every project with its flexibility.

PVC stretch ceiling system, materials can be entered into the desired form by heating with extraordinary features, materials produced in various colors and textures. Optionally, images such as digital prints and logos can be applied on it. Specially produced aluminum is applied by stretching to the profile. It can be disassembled and re-assembled if necessary. Built-in lighting fixtures can be placed on it. It can be used as a soft (homogenous) light source by backlighting.

Hygienic, flexible, aesthetic, cracking and separation problems do not occur.

Key Features;
Heavy (M2 243 grams)
Practical (Quickly assembled and de-assembled)
Cleaning can be easily erased.
Maintenance is not required.
It is antisistemic, not affected by rashes. It does not crack.
When necessary infrastructure preparation is done, it enters the desired form.
Not flammable (European B1 flame retardant certified)
It is not affected by X-rays.
It is never affected by water and moisture.
It is economical.
The pvc membranes we use are produced by Renolit in Germany.

Places Used;
Conference Hall, cultural centers, etc. places
Showrooms and stands
Art Galleries
Movie theaters
Wedding Halls
Restaurant Decorations
Sauna and Turkish Baths
Swimming Pools
In Store Decorations
Villas and Houses
It can be applied in all interior decoration works.